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Chiteswar Solutions

Chiteswar Solutions was founded to meet the growing need for industry expertise in providing enterprize solutions, product development and services.
Chiteswar Solutions helps in improving the competitiveness of our clients business through collaborative work, sharing best practices, and developing partnerships and creating strategic tie-ups with domain experts.
Chiteswar Solutions have the necessary skills geared towards providing our clients the best of breed business solutions. Our team comprises of dynamic and experienced software professionals well versed in different technologies and SDLC, Agile and experts in various domains. Having sound exposure to quality processes and methodology. This translates into quick grasp of requirements and ability to provide the right solutions and services.
Chiteswar Solutions is located in Pune with aggressive plans for growth in near future.

Chiteswar Solutions providing Internet strategy consulting, Enterprise resource planning and sophisticated Internet-based solutions to major companies and startup businesses.Chiteswar Solutions helps clients define their Internet strategies and design, architect, develop and implement solutions to execute those strategies.

Other Products we offer

Hiring Made Easy

Using Hires360 you can find and zero in fast on the right talent without going through a slew of emails.Dont lose out on valuable time and promising applicants to your email inbox.Save your email inbox for all the other important things you have to do - leave the hiring to us ! Hires360 helps fast-growing companies attract, engage and hire the right person for the job-which helps building committed teams.

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Your Technical Expert

techFAQ360.com is a repository of frequently asked questions, answers, comments and tutorials.This site contains many quality PMP, CAPM, PMI, ORACLE,Java, JSP Tutorials, Hibernate Tutorials, Struts Tutorials, JSF Tutorials, RMI, MySQL Tutorials, Spring Tutorials, source codes and links to other java resources.

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Job Board with Facebook

Job site integrated with indeed.com , Professional networking , Facebook integration , Post Jobs , Search profile by recruiter , Endorse friends

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Test Your Candidate

Cloud based candidate screening and online tests. Test your candidates using TestYourCandidate.com Online tests.

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Happy Workplace

HappyTeamMate helps you to send kudoes, share triumphs, track moods, create polls and boost employee collboration.

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