Chiteswar Solutions

Chiteswar Solutions was founded to meet the growing need for industry expertise in providing enterprize solutions, product development and services.


Hiring Made Easy

Using Hires360 you can find and zero in fast on the right talent without going through a slew of emails.Dont lose out on valuable time and promising applicants to your email inbox.Save your email inbox for all the other important things you have to do - leave the hiring to us ! Hires360 helps fast-growing companies attract, engage and hire the right person for the job-which helps building committed teams.

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Your Technical Expert is a repository of frequently asked questions, answers, comments and tutorials.This site contains many quality PMP, CAPM, PMI, ORACLE,Java, JSP Tutorials, Hibernate Tutorials, Struts Tutorials, JSF Tutorials, RMI, MySQL Tutorials, Spring Tutorials, source codes and links to other java resources.

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Test Your Candidate

Cloud based candidate screening and online tests. Test your candidates using Online tests.

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